Babe, wake up. A new Twitter clone just launched

So Threads from Meta just launched, and I like the app experience, but there are also a few things I really didn't like. Thinking about these things made me realize that there are only a handful of factors that make a social media platform 'good' for me.

The two biggest things that stood out to me are that Threads doesn't have a feed of the people you're following in chronological order. It's just a big mess of threads that their algorithm suggests to you. I found myself trying to hide every thread that didn't matter to me, but I'm not sure if that did anything to their recommendation engine.

This is completely opposite to what I think makes a good social media experience, which, as the name suggests, is a platform where you can see and interact with the media other people create. One of the main features it should have is the ability to filter the media created by people you know. The best social media platforms I've used are the ones that allow you to focus on the content of certain people you like.

Within the realm of good social media platforms, there are also two types. One allows you to filter out the content and people you like, and the other is a platform based solely on your interests. For example, on Twitter, you can follow and filter your feed to see people and content you like. On, everyone is in some way related to the tech industry, so you know that nearly all the content might be of some interest to you (if you're also in that space). I like both of these types.

At the end of the day, social platforms are just a battle of you trying to see what you want to see and someone else trying to show you what they think you should see (with a few exceptions like at the moment). I'm sure there's a bigger strategy tied to revenue behind the decision to not allow you to curate your own feed on Threads.

Just an initial thought, off to work! 👋