The Fight Club of design content

When I say the Fight Club of design content, I don't mean we create a small community of designers who face off to see who can design a certain experience in a given amount of time better... Although that might be an idea to hold onto.

Fight Club Screen capture

I remember watching David Fincher's Fight club for the first time when I was younger and being amazed by his style of storytelling. The stories didn't hold your hand, the scenes were fast paced, dialogue was sometimes cryptic. That was an eye-opening experience for a 15-year-old who was used to watching to mainstream movies like '2 Fast 2 Furious,' 'Lord of the Rings,' and other superhero movies.

I feel the design community these days is missing that "Fight Club"-esque type of content. Raw, unique, and refreshing alternatives to the same old dashboards here, a banking app there, and a couple of calendars sprinkled on top.

Not saying I'm creating amazing design content that is what Fight Club was to the cinema industry. But I wonder what kind of design content would be considered the Fight Clubs of the design community.

Perhaps in-depth case studies of complex problems with raw prototypes that didn't make the cut? Unique takes on what is now traditional layouts of SaaS tools? I'm not sure what you're thinking, but I think these categories are in the right vicinity.

I've been thinking about this because feeds these days have more eye candy that's created only for engagement, you really have to curate who and what communities to follow in order to find those content gems.